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A Stop Payment Order from your bank or credit union is how you void a check you already sent. If any of these things occur you can simply void the check to ensure it doesn’t accidentally get used later. In a way, voiding a check you already wrote is a safe method of destroying the check. Sometimes you’ll need to cancel a check payment after you’ve already sent or given the check.

How do you get a voided check?

  1. Write VOID in big letters across the entire face of the check.
  2. Or, write VOID in the: date line. payee line. amount box. amount line. signature line.

Another option is to ask a teller at your bank for documentation that provides the same information as a voided check. A letter on bank letterhead with your account information could work. All you really need to provide is your account number and the bank’s routing information. It’s very important that the payroll department send your paycheck to the proper place.

Voiding a Blank Check

The payee, that is the person or organisation who you wrote the check to. Don’t use a pencil, since someone could come along and “unvoid” your check by erasing your marks. The most important thing is to be sure that it cannot be erased or obscured in any way. This content is not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of the bank advertiser, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. This site may be compensated through the bank advertiser Affiliate Program.

  • Employers often use voided checks to set up direct deposits for their payroll, and service providers may need them to set up direct debits.
  • Most banks that operate physical branches will be happy to do this for you.
  • You can use copies or pictures of the same voided check for multiple situations.
  • The bank will charge a fee whenever you request a stop payment.
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If you want to get fancy with your money management, or just automate it further, you can split your direct deposits. That means that you can have a portion of your paycheck sent to different accounts. voided check If you don’t have a checkbook, or don’t want to void one of your checks, contact your bank. A teller may be able to print a pre-voided check that you can use to confirm your account.

What’s next? Setting up direct deposit without a voided check.

You can easily keep this information in the check registry of your checkbook. A void check is simply a check with the word “VOID” written across the front. Writing “VOID” on a check means that the check can’t be deposited or cashed.

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Voiding a check is simple, but needs to be done correctly to ensure that your bank account stays secure and that you avoid unnecessary fees when possible. Chase also makes it simple to set up direct deposit with a convenient pre-filled form that you can download through their app and print or email to your employer. If you’re setting up online payments—or direct deposits—see if you can enter your account and routing information online. You don’t want some hacker buying 20 Jet Skis with your bank info because you trusted a fishy URL. Your paper checks all have your bank information on them—the name of your bank or credit union and your account and routing number.

How Can I Get a Voided Check?

Early Pay Day — receive your money up to two days sooner. Early Pay Day is automatic when you set up Direct Deposit. You have same-day access to your money on the day of deposit. Cash withdrawal and Third-party fees may apply to Chime Checking Accounts. You must have a Chime Checking Account to open a Chime Savings Account. Make sure you copy the number across correctly or you might cancel the wrong payment.

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  • If you want to be extra careful, you might write “Void” across the payee line, as well as on the signature line and in the payment box.
  • As a final step, you’ll then submit the completed direct deposit authorization form either to your employer or to the bank.
  • The check can still be used to get the information needed for electronic payments.

Current offers convenient perks like no hidden fees, mobile check deposit, and overdraft protection for eligible users. You can also set up direct https://www.bookstime.com/ deposit easily through the Current app and receive your paycheck up to two earlier than you might with a traditional checking account.

Reasons for Using a Voided Check

Your savings will be separate from your spending cash so you won’t be tempted to spend it, and the balances will grow with each paycheck. Combine that feature with savings plans like 401s that come right out of your paycheck, and you can automate almost all of your required savings. Making sure you don’t overspend and leave nothing left in your account has never been easier. If this happens, the first thing to do is to notify your payroll department. Account numbers identify specific accounts at a financial institution. Providing your banking information to your employer so that employer can pay you.

voided check

That way, you’re helping protect yourself if your check falls into the wrong hands. Your employer asks you to provide a voided check so that the check cannot be used should it fall into the wrong hands. That’s why many employers are strict about requiring a voided check.